8 Minarchistic Misconceptions that Make Me MAD!


There are a lot of misconceptions about minarchism flying ’round the blogosphere and it’s time to correct them once and for all. First of all, minarchism is the belief that in order to prevent people from initiating force against each other we must create an organization which has the unquestionable right to initiate force against them. This is obviously stupid in a way that is beyond words.

8 Minarchistic Misconceptions

  1. Minarchists are people who have woken up. See the Ron Paul folks especially. If you guys are awake, we market anarchists are on another plane of consciousness. Wake up again please.
  2. Minarchists are allies of anarchists. We’re just pretending to be your friends until you really think this thing through and realize how stupid minarchism is.
  3. Minarchy is a feasible form of government. It’s not because the minute an anarchist wants to opt out and you let him, it’s no longer minarchism. Minarchism doesn’t last more than 10 seconds.
  4. Minarchists share the same strategic goals with anarchists. You want a government. We don’t. You’re into elections, we’re not.
  5. Minarchy is less scary than anarchy. It’s just more wool. See number 3.
  6. We must have minarchy because anarchy is well ANARCHY. It’s freakin chaos, dude! Anarchy is just a lack of government. McDonalds will still exist, don’t worry.
  7. Minarchy is order while anarchy is disorder. Since government creates disorder, without government things will be much more orderly.
  8. Minarchy enables you to avoid the leap of faith required for anarchy. See numbers 3 and 5.

Minarchists ARE the Opposition

And don’t dare post any clap here about minarchists and anarchists ignoring their differences and going to work against the opposition. You are the opposition. You are the ones cloudying our anti-aggression message with your halfway demands for just a better slavery, instead of a complete end to it.

Minarchists, come now, enough is enough.

Photo credit: jaqian. Photo license.

1 July 2009
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