Is Absentee Ownership Practical? Moral? (TAOL 0018)

The Art of Liberty - the unauthorized radical libertarian podcast Absentee ownership is taken for granted in today’s society and indeed by most anarcho-capitalists. Whatever you can legitimately obtain and keep is kosher, according to proponents of absentee ownership, be that a tiny self-sufficient homestead or a global corporate empire spanning multiple industries with tens of thousands of employees.

But without state protection in the form of limited corporate liability, subsidies and the inefficient state monopoly court system, I don’t think absentee ownership on any kind of large and expansive scale can be practically sustained. Furthermore, I question the morality of one person or a small oligarchy maintaining control of large swathes of land or other precious resources. The earth is, at some level, the common property of all human beings. Everyone needs access to the basic resources required for carving out a living.

Give our 18th episode a listen. Who makes more sense? George? Or John?

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The Art of Liberty is a 45-minute weekly podcast about current events and politics by John Tyner and George Donnelly, two highly opinionated, yet eminently reasonable, libertarian activists from opposite coasts. We record every Monday morning and release a new episode every Tuesday morning.

13 August 2013