What are you, a Communist? Well, Yes.

Well, yes, I am a communist. And a socialist, capitalist and everything in between – as long as it’s not also authoritarian. I’m for everything that’s libertarian, but nothing that’s authoritarian. In other words, I’m for free market capitalism and free market socialism. But I’m not for state socialism or state capitalism. There is a huge difference and it’s important to be cognizant of it.

State capitalism is what exists in North America right now. State communism is a reasonable descriptor of the former Soviet Union. What would free market capitalism look like? It’s hard to know for sure, without a central planner, but here are some ideas about it I really enjoy. For starters, there would be no state. Law and defense services would arise from voluntary relationships (contracts), instead of from the dictatorial central government. Oh, there would be plenty of regulations, maybe even more than now. But they would be promulgated by each property owner, applicable only to his property and only enforced by him or his agents. No central authority here.

What would free market socialism look like? It might be a community in which people voluntarily join together to share the fruits of their labors without an excessive fixation on property, wage labor and hierarchy. But I don’t really care, because as long as there is no aggression involved, it’s all fine with me. Let bygones be bygones. In market anarchy, a capitalist community can border a socialist one, with a commune down the street and mutualist coops patronized by all on the main strip. Everyone doing their own thing, and interfering with no one else’s thing is a recipe for civilization.

So, yeah, I kinda am a communist.

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