End Marijuana Prohibition … and All Other State Aggression

This gorgeous pro-marijuana-legalization video will only take three and a half minutes of your time. It succinctly and passionately makes the case for ending marijuana prohibition. You’ll want to pass it on to your social network.

Let’s face it, marijuana is natural. It is a plant, a very valuable one. It is the source of many, very useful, things. There is no reason to ban (or tax) it. It is not even like cocaine, which comes from the coca plant but is concentrated and mixed with nasty substances such as gasoline and cement. It is simply a plant and is usually consumed in its natural state.

Sure, legalized profits from marijuana sales could be used to fund hospitals, playgrounds and schools as depicted in the video, but not via taxation. Taxation is theft; it’s just like in the video where violent people roll into town and destroy all the goodness enabled by the flower. In real life, as well, government agents drop bombs on marijuana crops and otherwise violently impede its voluntary use by consenting individuals. But that’s what taxation is, too: violent people making threats if you don’t comply, and using your property against you and other innocents if you do.

The video is dead on when it shows state violence morphing hospitals into prisons, marijuana patrons into jittery caffeine addicts and drunk alcoholics, pot self-medicators into frustrated pharmaceutical users and peaceful free markets into violent black markets. If this is so obviously the result of state intervention into the marijuana market, is it such a stretch to realize that it’s also the result of state intervention into any other marketplace?

17 August 2010
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