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Libertarian fiction – did you even know it existed?

A redditor on the Libertarian subreddit asked me what the heck it was. Here’s the answer I came up with on the spur of the moment:

Novels, novellas and short stories with libertarian themes, themes of independence, human rights, non-aggression and some even with plots revolving around seasteading, the Free State Project, etc etc.

You’re in the midst of an explosion in libertarian fiction, right now. After a decade without libertarian science fiction anthologies, we’ve actually got three new ones in the space of a couple years. And that’s just the beginning.

You deserve libertarian fiction, not just to inspire you, but also to get all of us thinking about liberty using the method that is story. Logic and reason are excellent. But story is a more powerful means of communications.

With that in mind, you have 27 works of libertarian fiction from 11 authors on sale today only for 99¢ each.

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And let me know how it went, which books you liked, which didn’t quite make it. And what kind of fiction you’d like to read in the future. Email me anytime at [email protected].

Giant 99c Libertarian Novel Sale

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19 May 2016