I am not a Kochtopus

Some hacks over at The Nation seem to insinuate that I’m astroturf paid for by the disgustingly rich Koch brothers. The Nation is a national news magazine. It was originally founded as an abolitionist rag but has since lost its way. I’m a modern-day abolitionist (of state slavery and such), yet it ran an article smearing me. I’m not sure what exactly I did to earn this smear but so be it.

Anyway, I am not part of the Kochtopus. I have worked as a newspaper delivery boy, busboy, salesman, got a financial aid job in the chemistry department in college, recycled junk for a few months after college, endured a year of investment banking, drove a Chicago cab for two and a half years, taught English as a Foreign Language in Asia and South America and founded four IT businesses, none of which have even had a Koch-related client to the best of my knowledge.

It’s a little ironic to be accused of astroturfing after having written an article critical of corporate astroturfing. I’m increasingly moving towards mutualism, a type of left anarchism. I haven’t qualified as an anarcho-capitalist for some time now. I haven’t been in the Libertarian Party for almost two years. I haven’t been a Republican for 20 years. When I did vote for president, I voted for Ross Perot.

I despise people who sell out their principles for money. People like Sanjay Gupta and apparently Eric Odom. I live for movies where the hero goes down in flames instead of sell out. I cringe when the innocent hero admits guilt in order to escape being burned at the stake (e.g., in Joan of Arc). I enjoy money as much as the next guy but I seriously doubt I could sell out. If I was going to, I would not support replacement of government dweebs with corporate goofs. It’s the same thing.

Jim and I launched We Won’t Fly with $36 bucks for the domain, a lot of time on my part, a lot of time on Jim’s part, some IT resources I already had (paid for out of my pocket and not costing much) and, finally, $775 we raised from 34 close friends to pay for press release distribution. Jim had out-of-pocket expenses for flyers, gas and other miscellanea. We have also raised $1,230 to date for marketing expenses from 41 contributors (probably hasn’t even been spent yet). So, it’s not a lot of money and we’re sourcing it from a significant number of supporters. It’s about $25 per donor.

I’m not going to link to the article that smears me. It’s just not worth it. For anyone who had any doubts about my status, I just wanted to make it clear so as to remove even a shred of doubt. I have nothing to do with the Koch people or any of their think tanks and institutes. And I have no interest in being associated with them. Frankly, I doubt they want to associate themselves with someone who doesn’t bow to law enforcement goons anyway.

27 November 2010
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