Joe Arpaio Evades my Question about his 145F Concentration Camp

Listen to me ask Joe Arpaio if keeping people in 145F conditions is consistent with the teachings of Jesus.

Thanks to my friend Drew, I found out that Joe Arpaio, head thug at a concentration camp operation in Maricopa county, Arizona, would be on WIFI 1460AM in New Jersey today. I called in and asked Joe if he thought that keeping people in 145F conditions was consistent with the teachings of Jesus. Check out the audio above.

This is a fair question. Around 80% of religious folks in Maricopa county are Christians of one denomination or another. Don’t they want to know if their alleged sherriff is running his ship in accordance with their religious views or not? This guy is supposed to represent them after all.

And I think it’s obvious that Jesus would not have kept people against their will in a 145F concentration camp. Sure, he wandered in the desert for 40 days and 40 nights, but he’s the son of god! No comparison is possible (if you believe in that sort of stuff).

Instead of making an honest attempt to answer the question, Joe talked about the poor troops in Iraq who have to handle similar temperatures. But, according to NPR, $20 billion dollars is spent every year to provide air conditioning for those folks (and the ones in Afghanistan). And, also according to NPR, their temperatures don’t usually go above 125. Too hot but not as hot as Joe’s concentration camp.

Also, those troops signed up voluntarily to go to war. But Joe is forcing people accused or convicted of victimless crimes into these inhumane conditions. And then be brags about it. He brags about saving money by only feeding them baloney sandwiches. And he brags about it costing him $1 per day to feed his drug-sniffing dogs but only 50 cents per day to feed his prisoners.

My purpose here is not to make a personal attack on Joe. My purpose is to help Joe recognize the utter moral depravity of his actions. Joe created this mess. He needs to clean it up and make restitution for his torture of his fellow human beings.

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