Let’s Do a “Taxation is Theft” Campaign [FMP Op]


Taxation is theft. It’s not a new concept for me or probably for many of you, but it is a game-changing connection to make for those not familiar with liberty. So when FSK suggested a campaign to put “taxation is theft” stickers on all those political lawn sign eyesores that are polluting the public spaces these days, I thought, “Brilliant.”

Taking it to the Next Level

Let’s take this idea to the next level. How about bumper stickers, lawn signs, door hangers, talking points and a website? We can use the 2009 elections as practice for the 2010, 11 and 12 elections. We can take this thing not only nationwide but worldwide. We can ask to participate in debates. We can ask for airtime to rebut the politicians with the message that taxation is theft.

The Website

I’ve reserved the domain taxationistheft.info. All of our media can direct people here, where they can find additional media and learning and discussion opportunities. In fact, we need to mentor them.

Getting Started

How to get started? I’m going to start with the door hangers and the website. I can get the former for about 6 cents each so you can place an order by email to [email protected]. The sooner I get your order, the sooner this can happen. If you have ideas for the website and/or want to work on it, please comment below. If you’re an artist, I really need your help with the door hangers.

Photo credit: ColumbusCameraOp. Photo license.

19 October 2009
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