The Democrats Won – So What?

Yes, the Democrats won the mid-term elections and hopefully saved us from more Patriot Acts and other brazen attempts to stomp on our freedom.

But, so what?

Not Much Better than the Soviets

The two-party system we are stuck with is about the same as the one-party system the Soviets had – except that here in the US we have the illusion of choice.

We’ve gone from big-spending Republicans controlling Congress to big-spending Democrats controlling Congress. That’s the lateral movement of a frustrated electorate short on choice.

More Non-wacko Political Parties

How about a Fiscal Conservative – Social Liberal party? We can call it the Common Sense party.

We need more non-wacko political parties; parties that are electable. They must have platforms that will gain wide support. They must be built around multiple well-known and respected public figures, and not dominated by one half-wacko. God forbid another Ross Perot. He raised everyone’s hopes and dashed them just as quickly.

Spoiling for a Fight: Third-Party Politics in America

How about a Fiscal Conservative – Social Liberal party? We can call it the Common Sense party. The platform would include responsible and reduced spending in Washington, debt reduction, international cooperation, social tolerance and equality for all people, personal and human rights over group privileges and the separation of religion and politics.

GOP: Fiscal Liberal – Social Conservative

I won’t suggest the opposite, a Fiscal Liberal – Social Conservative party, since the GOP has already claimed that section of the political matrix. ;)

The Democrats are the Fiscal Liberal – Social Liberal party. Though it bears mentioning that it was only the Democratic President Clinton who has balanced the budget in recent years.

The Cycle of Democrats and Republicans

The Politics of American Discontent: How a New Party Can Make Democracy Work Again

In any case, we must build a third party that will appeal to, if not a majority of Americans, at least a large plurality on which to build. This is the only way forward to break the cycle of Democrats and Republicans, a cycle that has been leading our country into ruin for some time now.

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14 November 2006