The Government is a Terrorist Organization

Last week, concerned citizens across the nation forced the hand of the federal government’s Transportation Security Administration (TSA). We expressed our disapproval of its disrespectful and over-reaching ways. We promised to withdraw our consent and cooperation from their sham airport security racket. The TSA dialed back its airport checkpoint show. Naked body scanners were roped off, fewer people were chosen for secondary screening and pat downs were less invasive. We made them blink. We won.

The criminals who run the federal government, however, aren’t some well-meaning social workers grabbing people’s crotches in the hopes of preventing the next terrorist attack. They are waging war on the American public and global civil society in furtherance of their sick scheme to control the movement of people and goods across and within their imaginary borders.

Those leading the scam known as government are terrorists and should be prosecuted as such in a people’s arbitration hearing using arbitrators mutually agreeable to all involved parties.

We’ve now seen another attempt to demonize a popular hero – Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks – and yet we still haven’t shut government down. On a shoestring budget and without hurting anyone, Assange reveals the truth about governments – straight from their own mouths! We should have shut the state down centuries ago. Instead our response has been limp. “Phew,” we say, “it could have been worse. At least they aren’t coming for me this time.”

But it’s not the contents of the leaked documents that matter, it’s the fact that the U.S. government can hide its atrocities from those footing the bill for its lies, thefts, kidnappings, rapes, murders, genocides and gross environmental pollution. It works together with other tyrants around the world conspiring to suppress the culture, economy and even lives of the people they claim to be protecting. Thanks to Assange’s truth-telling, state apologists are worried that other states won’t play with the US government anymore. Assange is specifically telling a lot of truth about the Saudian Arabian monarchy, a key US co-conspirator in Middle East war and oppression. Thanks to Assange, the Yemeni state and others may cease being partners in crime for the US.

The answer is obvious. The good and peaceful people of the world should move immediately and peacefully against governments. We can take the following four steps:

1. Declare government a terrorist organization. Stop supporting it with the sweat of your brow and the sound of your voice. Violence is not necessary. You need only withdraw your consent.

2. Shut state insiders down. Shun anyone who dares accept state employment, gives the state money or voices support support for the state. We will not trade with them. They shall not have our products, our business, our friendship or even the time of day.

3. File charges against local state insiders and supporters with an arbitrator you trust. The charges must be well-founded and documented. Your arbitrator will take the charges to the accused party or her arbitrator. No one will be executed. Instead, those found to have offended – by a mutually agreed upon panel of arbitrators – should make restitution.

4. Those left at government agencies can offer their services on the open market. Without the state, there are no corporations of course. Don’t expect limited liability, corporate welfare or favorable tort law. Be on your best behavior now, or you’ll receive arbitration papers too.

Finally, if all else fails, every human being can trade their worthless government paper notes (“money”) for items with more enduring value, such as farmland, chickens, gold, silver, copper, some good power-tools or even a well-insulated house.

If we don’t deal quickly and decisively with what is a blatant attack on America, we can expect Government 2.0 and thuggish corporate copycats to do this kind of thing over and over again and again. In fact, state insiders have already announced plans to limit our freedom to travel by expanding warrantless internal checkpoints from the airports to bus and train stations. What’s next?

P.S. State insiders are people too. For this reason, it is urgent that we good people stand up for basic human dignity by telling state insiders to back off. Enough is enough.

This is a blatant parody of the ridiculous “Yes, WikiLeaks Is a Terrorist Organization and the Time to Act Is NOW” by state insider KT McFarland which was published by Fox News on November 30. And, yes, I am serious. If this be treason, make the fucking most of it. Don’t keep me waiting around.

2 December 2010
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