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NYPD assassination
Published: 3 weeks ago

NYPD Strike Suggests it’s Time for Assassination Markets

It’s likely that at least a small amount of targeted violence will be required to take down governments, so that a more liberty-centric order can supplant them. If we accept that, as distasteful as it is, then assassination marketplaces become attractive. Unlike a traditional war, assassination marketplaces don’t require that you kill tens of thousands of cops, politicians and soldiers. In order for assassination marketplaces to end the age of the state, only a few targeted individuals need be killed. For the rest, active and well-funded threats are sufficient to intimidate aggressors into remaining peaceful.

More LIberty Now - screw it I'm getting free
Published: 4 weeks ago

In Defense of Cantwell, Kokesh and Molyneux

Soliciting donations is absolutely essential in order to sustain activism, be it the on-the-street type or the digital kind. And make no mistake that activism, especially through community building, is essential to build a more libertarian future. We build better libertarian communities not by vilifying market exchange but by offering better products.

How Libertarians Sabotage Ourselves
How to Live a Libertarian Life
Published: 4 months ago

How to Live a Libertarian Life – More Liberty Now Podcast 0003

We libertarians want to live in a fully libertarian society, where non-aggression is the rule, we can trade freely and get the most out of our lives. That sometimes seems far away so how can we get that feeling of liberty now, in our own lives? How can we make it reality, too? And, can we advance the evolution to a libertarian society by living a more libertarian life today?

More Liberty Now Podcast Agorism Explained
Published: 5 months ago

Agorism Explained – More Liberty Now Podcast 0002

Agorism is a libertarian strategy for achieving freed societies where we can each live our lives as we see fit. Agorism leverages the libertarian emphasis on free trade to encourage us to build businesses where we trade outside the bounds of the government-controlled marketplace.

More Liberty Now podcast 0001
Published: 5 months ago

Why Voluntary Matters – More Liberty Now Podcast 0001

Is it voluntary? This is rarely a question we ask of ourselves these days. It’s more common to ask, “Do I have to?” But it’s a question we need to ask ourselves more often, not just in political contexts but also in our personal lives.

Published: 6 months ago

Facebook Outs Copyright Complainer at Students for Liberty

A libertarian student says that a Students for Liberty (SFL) national staff member used the copyright violation reporting system on Facebook to improperly take down a parody of the international libertarian student organization yesterday.

The Pacific
Published: 7 months ago

Is it Aggression to Kill Someone who Might Get you Killed?

What if you and 50 allies face a serious outside threat? What if one of these allies, through no conscious fault of his own, is increasing your vulnerability to this outside threat? He’s not committing an easily identifiable act of aggression, but he’s putting the lives of you and your allies at serious risk.

PorcFest 2014
Published: 7 months ago

PorcFest Will be Raided. Prepare Now.

PorcFest will be raided by a combined local, state and federal police force some time in the next three years. Start preparing for this eventuality now. Take PorcFest a step further. Inject more leadership, long-range planning and on-the-ground organization into it. Do it now, before it’s too late.