Agorism is how You get the Fed outta your Wallet

The Silver Circle movie folks (great project, great people) asked me to write this for their SilverUnderground blog last week. Check out their blog and their movie (coming out this summer)!

The Federal Reserve is wrecking our lives. It controls our money. People who promote serious alternatives to its less-than-mighty dollar go to jail. Daily it ekes little bits of value out of our salaries and savings. This is known as inflation. When prices go up, it means the money you have now buys less. When the Federal Reserve pulls new money out of its rabbit’s hat, that expands the money supply and causes inflation. The Fed has a license to steal – and it really enjoys it!

But there is a solution. It’s actually a family of solutions and we call it agorism. Agorism is the idea that we will achieve personal independence and liberty by trading amongst ourselves. We do business outside the purview of the government. We pay as little mind as possible to the overbearing and unnecessary rules and regulations governments impose on us.

Instead, we do business voluntarily and consensually with our fellow human beings. We honor our word, we respect others’ human rights. We live free, Or, at least we do it as much as feasible given the current state of big government.

In the agorist commnunity there has been an explosion recently in silver. Silver is a precious metal uniquely suited to serving as currency. And that’s what we use it for – in 1/2 ozt. coins, 1 ozt. coins and gram cards. If the agorist community would tolerate a king, silver would be our monarch.

In fact, silver helps solve that inflation problem I was talking about earlier. Silver, over the long term, tends to preserve its value much better than those worn paper dollars in your wallet. Silver actually appreciates over time, unlike your dollars. Just in the last two years I have watched silver appreciate from $12 an ounce to $37 an ounce. No, silver hasn’t gotten more expensive. Your dollars have lost value!

We all use agoristic principles in our day to day life. For example, where I live in South America, a gentleman brings buckets of fresh strawberries to my door once per week. He’s part of the underground economy. He hasn’t filled out his forms in triplicate with the local government or begged for a license to exercise his right to associate with me. Nope, he just brings the fresh strawberries and I give him the cash. And it’s quite a delicious trade.

Every summer, we agorists gather in New Hampshire at the Porcupine Freedom Festival to trade. For example, last year I bought a hearty lunch for the whole family at an impromptu kitchen for less an ounce of silver. Yum!

And this [past] weekend, agorists across the world are meeting at Agora I/O, a free online conference. We’re trading, not silver this time, but information, knowledge and insights. Check us out. You may just figure out a new way to drive that darned Federal Reserve out of your bank account!

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