Black DC Cop Would Enforce Segregation

This is the kind of jaw-dropping insanity that people will simply not understand after this police state has been put to rest. How could a person of African-American descent NOT recoil in horror at the thought of he, himself, imposing a known historical injustice on his fellow African-Americans? What a disappointment.

“I don’t make the laws, I just enforce them, sir. Your squabble is not with the police, it’s with the lawmakers.” This is what Mr. Dunn (the man in the video) said. The words of politicians can not arrest you. They can’t beat you. They don’t taunt you for hours while in jail. They can hardly frame you. Only cops can do that. Is this the origin of the word “cop-out?” Be responsible for your actions, Mr. Dunn. Just because you get a paycheck, it doesn’t absolve you of all wrongdoing and it shouldn’t silence your conscience.

This is why cops and other state-sympathizers and -enforcers must be challenged and questioned at every turn. This is why we must disobey them whenever feasible. Good people disobey bad laws. Just like Gandhi, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King and many others before and since, we know that the state often gets carried away trying to control other people. Our job is to disobey, randomly if need be, and incessantly question, so that sanity can be restored.

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