Screw Activism. Build Community.

Build community. That’s what libertarians of all stripes need to be doing right now.

How do you build community? Here are a few ways to get started:

  • Be friendly. Smile. Converse.
  • Find yourself. Then share yourself. Write. Make videos. Interview people. Meet new people. Create art. Speak the truth and never stop.
  • Say hi. Empathize. Quiet your mind. Listen with your soul.
  • Pursue your interests and values without delay or diversion. Become a better you and make some friends along the way.
  • Enjoy life. Maximize your freedom. Minimize your limits. Eliminate preconceptions. Consume art. Exercise.
  • Turn off the TV. Limit the radio and Facebook. Follow your own inner voice. Do what it tells you.
  • Question.
  • Serve.

Here’s what not to do.

  • Confront cops.
  • Go into a cage.
  • Fight the man in his own arena.
  • Beat your chest and claim you’re more alpha than the next guy.
  • Yell.
  • Ridicule.
  • Complain. Bitch. Moan.
  • Try to be a hero.
  • Talk about how you’re right and the other guy is evil or an idiot sheeple.
  • Try to convince anybody of anything.

In other words, screw activism. Build community instead.

If we were going to carry the day on logic alone with this argument that all people should be free, then we would have moved on to more complex projects long ago.

If filming cops, distributing pamphlets or getting on TV was going to do the job, we’d be done.

No, we need to build community. That means relationships. We need, each of us, to find ourselves, our respective individual truths. We need to share that with the world in a human way. An emotional way. One person at a time. And we need to be present when our fellow community members do the same. Every day of every year for the rest of our lives.

That is how we will win this thing. That is how we will achieve our goal of a peaceful, prosperous and free world. That is how we will get our freedom. Not through random acts of desperate confrontation but by being better people and helping others be better people. In other words, by building community.

This is my 500th post at Arm your Mind for Liberty. Thanks for reading along these past 7 years. Tell me what to write about in the next 500 posts.

4 April 2014
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