Don’t Confuse Fascism and Socialism

Though I am concerned that these customers appear to be treated so poorly by the company that they voluntarily pay to take care of them. Oh wait! LOL socialism. (in reply to a video called Scumbag Police:Bodyslams 84 yrs old lady with Alzheimer’s) – Manuel Lora

Manuel was attempting some sarcasm here, since in market anarchist circles we advocate voluntary police services. IOW, services that are accountable and you aren’t forced to pay for, unlike now. But he mistakenly equates the police of 2011 to socialism. This is not correct. This is a form of fascism, or authoritarianism.

The concept that there could be a difference between state socialism and stateless socialism blew my mind at first. If we can have state capitalism and stateless capitalism, why not the same distinction for socialism? You bet, it’s a feasible concept. In fact, I enjoy a form of voluntary socialism in my family. We have our personal possessions but our property is held in common.