How to Nullify Suspicionless Checkpoints

This past weekend in the Philadelphia suburb of Willow Grove, eight courageous liberty activists nullified a suspicionless sobriety checkpoint. With their investment of $50 and a few hours of their time, they rerouted drivers around the massive multi-agency boondoggle to safety. During the first 3 hours, they prevented the police from making even a single arrest.

I spoke via Skype with Jim Babb, one of the participants in this innovative action for the first episode of my new podcast, which goes by the same name as this blog. Please give it a watch or listen. As CNN, MSNBC and other news outlets know, Jim never fails to give an entertaining interview.

Given that DUI tickets can range up to $5,000 a piece in Pennsylvania and Jim estimates they may have denied the police up to 20 arrests, if we say that each ticket earns $1,000 for the police then the activists may have denied the police as much as $20,000. The ROI on their investment of $50 is approximately 40,000%. John Robb would be proud.

Will you repeat this experiment in your area?

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