Anarchist Tactics that Minarchists Need

If you think limited government is the best way to secure and protect your life, liberty and property, that’s your prerogative and I don’t want to convince you otherwise in this article. In fact, I want to help you achieve your goal – by sharing with you the rich repertoire of effective libertarian tactics used by voluntaryists, agorists and other market anarchists.

Minarchist Toolset Built for Honest Government

Your struggle for liberty desperately depends on your early and successful adoption of anarchist tactics. The fact is that your toolset – voting, electioneering and protesting – is too easy for the tyrants to ignore. Votes can be disregarded or made irrelevant. Independent candidates get locked out of news coverage. Begging voters to choose the red team over the blue team, or vice versa, is an absurd waste of time because we all know it makes no difference. Even if you elect a good candidate, the other 99 per cent overrule her. Protests are controlled, limited and subverted. Face it, your toolset is built for an open, honest government – not for this tyrannous police state.

Your Goal Requires a Real Revolution

Yes, that’s right. This is not your ideal form of government. This is not simply a constitutional republic that has lost its way and needs a few pure-hearted patriots to right its course. This is a dictocracy, where a small elite controls political office. They aim to continually expand both their own power and that of the offices they hold. Only a real revolution will return it to the minimal size you seek. This dictocracy has declared war on you. Will you join the resistance?

Liberty Tactics

With that in mind, here are eight libertarian tactics you can use right now to not only gain more liberty for yourself, but also weaken this police state. Make no mistake, only by strengthening your network and weakening theirs will you be able to build a coalition for the truly limited government you seek.

  1. Improve Yourself. Improve your mind by reading more and watching less TV. Improve your body by getting off the couch – exercise, eat right, etc. Work on maintaining a positive attitude. Build your emotional intelligence, your leadership and communication skills. Learn new and useful things that will facilitate your survival, such as: riflery, canning, permaculture, welding, carpentry, etc.
  2. Disobey. Any order from this tyrannous police state is illegitimate. Disobey it until such time as they have the proverbial gun to your head. You don’t have to go to jail, just resist as long as you can. This is not license to act immorally, only to stop obeying illegitimate authority.
  3. Stop Subsidizing the Enemy. Don’t pay taxes. Don’t loan the government money. Don’t perform services for them. Use their Federal Reserve Notes (dollars) as little as possible. Use honest silver and gold money or barter instead.
  4. Start a Cash Business. Work under the table, dealing in cash only. Provide alternatives to services offered by the state or its corporate allies at a better price, with better service. Get rich and don’t give a penny to this police state.
  5. Learn How to Defend Yourself. Take an NRA-approved pistol course and go to your local range weekly at least. Attend every Appleseed event you can. At Appleseed, good folks teach you not only how to use your rifle but also about the sacrifices the founding fathers made. Get a battle rifle and train on it until you’re an expert.
  6. Produce your Own Food. Start a garden. Learn about permaculture. Get some chickens, rabbits and/or goats. Trade with your local food producers. It’s better nutrition anyway.
  7. Don’t Aggress. Don’t use the government against your neighbor. Don’t support enlarged government programs of any kind. Don’t call the cops on your neighbor. Settle disputes privately.
  8. Connect – and Replicate – Locally. Work together locally on these tactics with like-minded folks. Things done in a group are more likely to succeed and continue. The whole will be stronger than the individual parts. Unite, or die, as Ben Franklin put it.


Afraid to stop paying your taxes? Do these tactics require considerable restructuring of your life? Great personal inconvenience? Your significant other or children will never go along with it? Just took out a new mortgage with that $8,000 federal credit? Like your couch too much? Can’t imagine yourself mowing your own lawn, much less gardening or firing a rifle? Worried you’ll be branded as a tax cheat, terrorist or cop-killer? That’s what the founding fathers were, remember? Did they shirk their duty? If not you, who? If not now, when?

Are you of Sufficient Character?

No one ever said liberty was easy. It means responsibility, which most people dread and shirk. But you distinguish yourself by seeking out more and more responsibility. If you admire the founding fathers, consider their hardships. Are you of sufficient character and integrity to do what it takes to live free, and not die? Let’s find out together, shall we?

Photo credit: ubrayj02. Photo license.

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