Liberty Talking Points 0001 – Trust your Kids

I’m starting a new series, in addition to my written articles and the podcast I’m doing with John Tyner. This one is called Liberty Talking Points. Every week, I’ll address a libertarian topic in two minutes on video. So there’s no long-winded droning-on (the really dangerous kind!) for an hour or more about a certain topic. I just sum it up for you in a bite-sized chunk. I’ll be talking about issues that often come up when doing libertarian outreach, when dealing with statists and when planning libertarian strategy.

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Trust your Kids

This week’s episode is about trusting our kids. As a parent, this can be hard. I personally was treated very poorly as a child and led to believe that this is how kids should be treated. I was taught that kids are incapable of rational thought, shouldn’t be taken seriously and were not deserving of liberty or self-determination. But through my 7 years of raising my son so far, I’ve experimented with taking him seriously, not using violence or even discipline, with negotiating instead of giving orders, with attachment and unconditional parenting and with unschooling. It’s gone incredibly well. Give your kids a chance, expect the best from them, build a bond of tight trust with them and I think they’re going to surprise you!

16 May 2013