PA Sen. Fumo Wants to Dictate Look of Philly Skyline. LOL!

Zoning proposal introduced for “tallest building” | Philadelphia Inquirer | 06/20/2008

[State Sen. Vincent J.] Fumo spokesman Gary Tuma said Fumo believed city officials needed to draft a “comprehensive plan for what we want the skyline to look like.”

HAHAHAHA. Why do politicians think they get to decide what a skyline will “look like”? The arrogance is amazing.

And I found this curious comment from “Central-229”:

Taller and taller buildings is not the way to go for the future – skyscrapers are dinosaurs. Philadelphia should be building on a human scale for the enormous changes that are coming.

What is “a human scale” if not tall? Perhaps this commenter thinks that “a human scale” is the size of his body – but what of his mind? The human mind is limitless. Don’t let this small-minded point of view limit the greatness inherent in all of us.

24 June 2008