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The TSA’s full-body naked porno body scanners just became a big freakin’ deal. Why? As you can see in the above video, the only alternative is an enhanced groping while your personal items are chugging down the conveyor belt unattended and out of your reach. This is some serious abuse. To fly – to travel – my wife, small son and I now either need to risk cancerous x-rays in their excessively-detailed porno machine or we can submit to aggressive groping that is going to freak out my son and rankle me something serious. And that’s before my wallet gets stolen because they won’t let me hold it during the process. WTF.

The Pirate Party drops some truth.

Airlines need security but this is not the way. The state has monopolized airline security. As we all know, monopolies suck. Monopolies accumulate too much power. They are unaccountable. They are not responsive. Monopolies shove one-size-fits-all procedures down our throats. Let the airlines handle their own security, instead of foisting this cost on the taxpayers and dollar-holders (via Fed inflation). Even the leading Israeli airport security expert says the porno scanners are a waste of money. They’re ineffective. They’re unproven technology. And we just don’t know the risks. The dose of radiation may be similar to what you’re exposed to during a flight, but the concentration is considerably larger. Who needs more x-ray radiation anyway? I don’t. I get enough pollutants already, thanks.

I won’t take this lying down. Will you? What’s next? Mobile vans surreptitiously dosing us with x-rays as we drive to work in the morning or take the kids on vacation? Yep. Huh? Yes, believe it or not, that was next. It’s already here. And it’s not just the state buying these mobile porno-vans. Corporations might be doing it too. Radio host Alex Jones claims the plan is to roll these out to baseball games, concerts and who knows what else. He may be right.

That’s why libertarian activist and all-around great guy Jim Babb and I have launched We Won’t Fly. We Won’t Fly is a grassroots campaign in opposition to the porno-scanners and the enhanced gropers. We don’t like our health being compromised. We don’t like our privacy being invaded. We definitely don’t like our families being hassled. Jim is leading a pamphleting and protest for November 24th at Philadelphia international airport. I’m working on and online media campaigns. Join us. Organize a demonstration at your local airport. Blog at Tweet about it. Post on Facebook. We must get the word out. Reports are that 99% comply with the porno-scanners. Who can blame them.


Opt out of the porno-scanners. Opt out. Just keeping saying you opt out and just keep opting out until they ditch the porno-scanners. You can make a difference. If the lines are so long and so many are submitting, it just takes a few more opt outs and the wait will become unbearable. Some of those 99% will be so pissed off they might actually start asking questions. They might realize how dangerous and invasive these procedures are. How unnecessary and over-the-top they are. Meanwhile, keep opting out. Share your porno-groping stories in the comments or over at We’re in this together. If we don’t stop these monstrosities in the airport, they will be everywhere soon enough.

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