In Search of a Master Plan for Liberty


I‘m in search of a master plan for liberty. I want a simple list of rules or principles that I can use to reliably guide me towards liberty – that state of being where I’m free from government (aggression) – so I can just live a regular life.

Just do it! If Only …

“So just do it already!” you say. Well, I am. Except this gang of thieves and murderers called “The Government” won’t leave me be. They claim 50% or more of my labor off the top. They pilfer my savings via their central banking scheme (the so-called Federal Reserve). I have to beg their permission to exercise my rights to labor, travel, defend my life and more – or risk imprisonment. This government gang makes it very difficult to just live a regular life.

I’m NOT a Revolutionary

My goal is most vehemently NOT to topple governments or effect coups d’etat. If the folks who voluntarily choose to propagate the scam that is government would just leave my comrades and I alone, our conflict would be at an end. But they insist in claiming power over my property and I. They are bringing the fight to me and won’t allow me to escape or be free. (I’m an evolutionary, by the way.)

What Makes a Satisfactory Plan?

So how will we judge prospective master plans for liberty? What makes a satisfactory plan? I’ve come up with 5 requirements so far. A master plan for liberty must be:

  1. Principled
  2. Tactical
  3. Straightforward
  4. Resilient
  5. Convertible

1. In Alignment with the Principles of Liberty

First, it must be in perfect alignment with libertarian principles. Since we distinguish ourselves through the consistency and purity of our principles, that is our foundation. We must guard it at all costs and never self-attack by chipping away at it. This has the side effect of rendering our projects liberty showcases – where others can witness the practicality and wild profitability of liberty in the form of true compassion, cooperation for mutual benefit, moral rightness and personal happiness. This means no aggression of any kind.

2. Tactically Intelligent

Second, it must be tactically intelligent. I define tactics in this context as the art of organizing activists and techniques in combination to erode state power. We must be astute in leveraging what little we have to make as large an impact as possible. For example, if we’re selling the Zero-Aggression Principle, we should not violently defend ourselves from the state, no matter that it is morally correct and may eventually be unavoidable. Those unfamiliar with the principles of liberty could be confused or easily misled about who we are. If we’re making an issue of government spending, we should avoid anything that causes it to spend more money.

3. Uncomplicated, Simple, Low Barrier to Entry

If it’s complicated, it’s broken. The plan has to be relatively simple, specific and realistic. It has to be accessible to your average liberty lover. If you have to read ten books to get the plan, it’s failed.

4. Resilient: Not Easily Broken Up or Impeded

If it’s easily broken or impeded by the bad guys, it’s worthless. So if the prospective plan results in valuable activists being imprisoned for an extended period of time, it’s a failure. I’m not implying a slavish obedience to the state’s numerous regulations. That’s not only inconsistent with our principles but also probably impossible! Consider if we were discussing war. Prisoners of war are much less useful than active combatants. That’s all I’m saying.

5. Convertible to Guerrilla Warfare

In the event that government collapses or radically escalates its attacks, the plan must facilitate preparation for survival, including self-defense. This mean survival strategies, firearms and guerrilla warfare. Yes, I said guerrilla warfare.

What’s Missing? What’s Incorrect?

This is a very high-level, first swipe at answering this question: What guidelines should we judge prospective master plans for achieving liberty by? What is missing? What did I get wrong? Please also think high-level for now. Once the high-level thinking is done we can work on some details.

Next Steps

With the benefit of your feedback I’d like to translate these principles into a comprehensive plan for achieving liberty. With your help, I know we can do it. Thanks in advance for your comments.

Photo credit: eschipul. Photo license.

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