Crime and Punishment in a Stateless Society (TAOL 0019)

The Art of Liberty - the unauthorized radical libertarian podcast Under what conditions in our oft-promoted libertarian stateless society, will a person’s freedom be taken away? How will people be punished for committing crimes – real crimes, not victimless crimes – against people or property? Will there be pre-trial confinement and bail? House arrest? Will there be prisons? Just how different from the current state injustice system will the stateless libertarian dispute resolution system be? Listen to this week’s episode to find out!

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The Art of Liberty is a 45-minute weekly podcast about current events and politics by John Tyner and George Donnelly, two highly opinionated, yet eminently reasonable, libertarian activists from opposite coasts. We record every Monday morning and release a new episode every Tuesday morning.

26 August 2013