When will We Have our Liberty?


When will we have our liberty? When will we have our state or local or personal sovereignty? When will we transition from this fascist police state to liberty? This is the question that kept me up at night. Has it bothered you? Well, I finally figured it out. We always had it and we always will!

Get the Right People Elected?

First I thought I had to get the right people elected to office and maybe even run myself. But that approach would take decades to roll back the state. In fact, some people have already been working on that for decades and have almost nothing to show for it. Then I thought I just had to lobby legislators and participate in single-issue coalitions and campaigns to roll back the bad laws one issue at a time. But that’s not very successful or time-efficient either. Look at the bank bailout. It passed even with 95% negative constituency feedback.

We Already Have It and Can Never Lose It

I already have my sovereignty. And no one can take it from me. That’s what I finally realized. Sure, the government can inconvenience you. They can fine and imprison you. But just because a gang comes after me for doing what is right, doesn’t mean that I’m not free to do what is right. It just means I will have to defend myself. Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty so that should come as no surprise.

Bonus: We’re Already in the Stateless Society

As a thought experiment, consider that we’re already in the stateless society. We’re simply besieged by this gang of little dictators called “The Government”. They can violate your right to live your life as you see fit (as long as you don’t initiate force against anyone else). But they can not take your sovereignty away. Only you can cede it by obeying them, by giving in to their pressure tactics. Now what are we going to do about this gang that wants to rule us?

Video Version

You can see a tolerable video of me reading this article here.

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7 April 2009
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