Is it Wrong to Shop at Walmart?


Over at Skeptical Eye, SE wonders, “If you’re poor like me, how can you not shop at Walmart?” And the fact is you can’t, not if it makes financial sense to do so. And you shouldn’t trouble yourself over this fact. Government aggression created Walmart and sustains it. You didn’t create this situation and if you don’t endorse or help maintain it, you are blameless.

It’s Not Our Fault

Don’t sacrifice yourself on the altar of purity. As much as one would like, it is incredibly difficult and possibly self-defeating to eliminate all the benefits of other people’s aggression from your life. Aggression, by its very nature, leaves one with little to no choice. It’s not our fault and we must make the best with those few choices left to us.

Gold has a Kind of Government Subsidy

Take the price of gold, for example, which is reportedly kept artificially low through government central bank schemes whose purpose is to hide fiat currency inflation levels from the market. Does this roundabout government subsidy mean you should not buy gold? Of course not! You are not responsible for this situation and in fact are working to eliminate aggression in the world (or should be). Why should someone else’s aggression limit your options?

Let’s Harvest the Fruits of their Aggression

Keep in mind that, in order for us to achieve liberty, we liberty lovers must enhance our power while simultaneously draining that of the state. Taking advantage of situations created by government aggression, such as Walmart, the price of gold and anything else that doesn’t require you to aggress or endorse aggression is a good opportunity for us. Other candidates for action might be: acceptance of unemployment benefits, homesteading of government resources (such as parks) and collecting social security payments.

Drain their Coffers while Refusing to Refill them

What I propose is to burn their aggression candle at both ends. While we light one to stop aggression, let’s ignite the other one too by making their aggression less profitable and more unstable. Drain their coffers while refusing to refill them. As long as you don’t ask them to commit aggression for you or endorse their aggressive acts, you have done nothing wrong. In fact, you’re accelerating the demise of government aggression. Keep up the good work!

Photo credit: galaygobi. Photo license.

31 December 2009
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