About More Liberty Now

The immediate goal for More Liberty Now (MLN) is to identify the most efficient vectors for empowering individuals worldwide to reclaim our liberty – all of it, not just “civil liberties” or government-approved rights – through better ideas, tools, lifestyles and processes.

In the long term, MLN aims to to be the launching point of an innovative, polycentric effort to voluntarize the world by 2064.

Parallel individual empowerment equals global liberation.

More Liberty Now offers no easy answers. Unlike other libertarian blogs, we don’t inundate you with rabid cop tales nor do we whine, troll or remind you that Rothbard really was right back in 1964. Our focus is on finding and applying the best ideas so that you can lead a freer and happier existence right now.

More Liberty Now is a libertarian blog written and edited by George Donnelly, a freelance writer, science fiction author and libertarian activist.

We’re building a tribe of radical libertarians who will work together to achieve our goals of the lives we want, both right now and for the future. Want in?

About George Donnelly

George Donnelly

I’m George Donnelly, a University of Chicago graduate, teacher, former Chicago cabby and investment banker, entrepreneur, full-time single dad and libertarian activist. Contact me anytime. I love to hear from readers.

I’m interested in:

  • new technologies that empower the average person
  • autodidacticism and unschooling
  • information technology, Linux, BSD, FOSS, etc.
  • writing: fiction, non-fiction, etc.
  • Bitcoin, the blockchain and crypto in general
  • MBTI and other psychology topics
  • market anarchism, voluntaryism, stateless capitalism, mutualism, zen anarchism
  • overthrowing governments and other leftover junk
  • polycentric law
  • seasteading and micro-nations
  • the darknet
  • science fiction
  • raising kids with peaceful parenting, unconditional parenting, attachment parenting and general respect
  • frugality
  • mindfulness/meditation
  • mindset for success
  • The Red Pill and MGTOW but not “men’s rights”
  • books, all kinds
  • security, both personal and digital
  • firearms
  • martial arts
  • the English, Spanish, German and Japanese and other languages
  • immersive and perpetual travel as well as living abroad
  • Latin America and Asia
  • Hemingway, Kafka, Bukowski, Gogol, Dick, Heinlein and others

What Other People Say About Me

  • “What he’s doing “is like an act of terrorism.” – Whoopi Goldberg
  • “You have been a huge inspiration to me. I look up to you.” – Ben Stone (Bad Quaker Podcast)
  • “One of the most energetic and principled activists for individual liberty I know.” – Kevin Carson (Center for a Stateless Society)
  • “Put him on a watchlist.” – Joy Behar
  • “A rare mix of principles, skills and drive.” – Jim Babb (We Won’t Fly)
  • George is one of the most genuine, principled people I know.” – Pete Eyre (Cop Block)
  • “Irresponsible.” – TSA administrator John Pistole
  • “You are pretty awesome… One of the hardest working SF writers I know. And tolerant.” – Wendy McElroy, individualist anarchist and individualist feminist, author, columnist and speaker.
  • “George is a national-level super-activist!” – Mark Edge (Free Talk Live)
  • “I’d like to put my foot up his ass.” – anonymous US Marshal
  • “Displayed tremendous leadership, innovation and diligence.” – Jim Lesczynski
  • “Fuck you … you wont change anything.” – anonymous TSA agent
  • “George’s enthusiasm and professionalism is infectious.” – Ernie Hancock (Freedom’s Phoenix)
  • “If you get too close to me with that camera, I’ll take it out of your hand and ram it down your throat.” – anonymous Philadelphia federal court security officer
  • “Everything I’ve heard him say in videos and on his blog about almost everything is rock solid.” – Michael W. Dean (Freedom Feens)
  • “One of the best project managers I’ve worked with.” – William Pearson
  • “Anti-authoritarian.” – Institute of Terrorism Research and Response (Pennsylvania homeland security bulletin)
  • “I have seen George demonstrate courage and passion.” – Prof. Gary Chartier
  • “I gotta give props especially to George Donnelly of Shield Mutual.” – Adam Kokesh, after release from federal prison in 2013
  • “Shut up!” – Michael Bolinsky, Plymouth Township Pennsylvania police department.
  • “On my short list of people who get things done.” – Tom Knapp (Center for a Stateless Society)
  • “Say what you will about George Donnelly, he keeps good records.” – Christopher Cantwell
  • CNN’s Most Intriguing People, Nov 24, 2010
  • Golden Handcuffs FIJA award, PorcFest 2010.
  • Sam Adams Alliance Irreverent Messenger Award with Jim Babb, Nov 30, 2010


I have been featured or quoted in: