Repost Freely

Unless otherwise specified, you are more than welcome to grab any of my texts, video and audio on this website and repost them on your own blog, on social media, print them on paper and distribute them for free or do whatever else you like with them (even alongside advertisements) as long as you attribute authorship to me (“George Donnelly”), do not sell my writing and release any modified articles under the same license: CC BY-NC-SA.

If you would like to do me the honor of including my texts in a book or similar paid publication, then please first contact me and let me know your plans.

In other words, let’s talk before you resell my stuff.

If you happen to make any money from my texts, feel free to send along a sizable percentage (I’m thinking 70 per cent or more but I’m open to making donations) in the form of bitcoin.

On Intellectual Property

When I bring a certain arrangement of words into being on a computer, make them available to you and produce a certain effect in your mind then I have created something. I invested my brain power and my resources for, hopefully, your pleasure and edification. So, yes, I consider my writing to be property. I expect you to respect it as such. My stuff, my rules.

Intellectual Property is a valid concept. Enforcing it by government aggression is not. Therefore, should you use my stuff in violation of my rules, you can expect me to pursue you without the use of aggression.

Remember: share my stuff freely without asking. Just talk to me before reselling it. If you have ideas about stuff I should write, let me know about that, too. Thanks!