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A Civilization Starter Kit on One CD

This is simply amazing. Should I get some land someday, I hope to build a lot of Marcin’s tools and put them to good use. More information at Open Source Ecology.

The political aspect of this is also fascinating. As he mentions, the means of production are now in the hands of the people. There are no serious intellectual property impediments to using these designs. Once made, people can use them to produce wealth. It’s a socialist goal, implemented using liberty and open source ideas.

I wonder what right libertarians think about it?

By George Donnelly

I'm building a tribe of radical libertarians to voluntarize the world by 2064. Join me.

3 replies on “A Civilization Starter Kit on One CD”

im a horrible, state hating, ‘fundamentalist’ anarchist (I absolutely love stefan molyneux to refer to a recent post of yours). and I have been called a ‘vulgar libertarian’ by someone who perhaps thought that even being a right-libertarian was too mainstream to be cool. so maybe I am a right-libertarian but even so I absolutely love this stuff! I stumbled across it back when the group was called open farm tech. my favourite idea of theirs is the swappable motor unit. having 5 x vehicles each with the cost of its own engine on a farm where you will only ever use one vehicle at a time is economic insanity. letting the homesteading small-holder swap his single motor from machine to machine as and when required is a massive cost saving over having expensive motors standing redundant. and using hydraulics to overcome the tricky transmission issues is genius.

ps the right-libertarian stuff is tongue in cheek even if it aint funny.

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