A Dramatic New Instrumental from Bress

Check out this new instrumental from Bress, an LA rock band with east-coast hard-rock roots. If you like textured instrumentals that make you feel, you will love Bress’ “Datte in the Dark Deshyo”.

Want More Bress?

You can get more Bress at at Bress Music @ MySpace. The medley will give you a feel for their beginnings and “Torn” for their latest and greatest. You can also pick up their album “Crossing” at Amazon.

A New, More Powerful Direction

“Datte in the Dark Deshyo” strikes me as a new direction for Bress. The sound is very professional, it’s sophisticated and it’s more upbeat, more dramatic than their other work.

A Dark Edge that Pulls you in

Most Bress songs have a wistful tone, often with a dark edge that pulls you in. Listening to Bress gives me a warm restful moment to rue the past. It’s a chance to think about what might have been. Listen closely to their lyrics and they might just break your heart (listen to “Torn” on their MySpace page!).

Their Passion Never Fails to Impress

Some of their early work has an amateur sound, but their passion never fails to impress. And they’re my friends. Good work Eric and Brenda!

By George Donnelly

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