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A Real Live Mutual Aid Society: The Seattle Solidarity Network

The Seattle Solidarity Network is a real, modern mutual aid society and it has story after story of successful actions on its blog. They apparently don’t have any dues, don’t require a large budget, do receive from funds from the IWW and operate by direct democracy.

So, it’s not an example of my resilient mutual aid society proposal, but it’s reasonably close!

By George Donnelly

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For the record, although we have at one time or another received single shot donations from the IWW, for instance when we were sued by a prominent property developed over the court of a 14 month fight, we in no way shape or form have any persistent funding relationship with the IWW. In fact all of our regular funding (that is to say recurrent and fundamental) is strictly derived from folks involved in the group. We pass a hat once a month and we have a paypal account, and that’s how we do it. There are occasional infusions that typically come from presentations, people who’s fights we’ve won that feel impelled to give some portion of their winnings to the group, and stuff like that, but always one offs and rarely as a make or brake constituent of our finances. So you know!

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