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All my People are Dead

Human Free is a post-apocalyptic science fiction novel by George Donnelly set in 22nd century South Africa after an ecologically-motivated man-made holocaust. Read it free as I write it on WattPad. Check it out now!

My people are dead. I can’t live the life I want but must scavenge in the ruins of Capetown for rats, insects and old tin cans. Twenty-nine mouths demand food from my hands, including Philani, who has appointed herself my wife.

We were once the most numerous people on Earth, the Khoisan of Southern Africa. We roamed our desert homeland sucking sustenance from a land that had none to offer.

Now the Gaians have extended their great zoo to the shark-infested edges of this continent. Their robots chase me. They want to kidnap me and experiment on me. They need my DNA to develop a new plague, one that will kill the remaining few thousands of humans that survived their dozens of prior plagues.

Hold on! No, that’s not me talking. That’s Onder Swart, the protagonist of my new liberty-themed post-apocalyptic science fiction novel.

I’m writing Human Free “live” on WattPad over the next couple months in order to dramatize the importance of liberty and human rights in the world. I’m posting new chapters a few times per week. You will get the whole book for free.

Please read along and give me your feedback. Read the story here:

The Blurb

The Gaian Devolution is saving the planet. By exterminating the people. But global warming is only getting worse and technothrope Chairperson Flora B. Harper is out of solutions.

Onder Swart is the last Khoisan in the Southern Africa Exclusion Zone. He wants to return to his homeland and live a natural life with the ragtag gang of children survivors he’s collected. But the Gaians have declared it a human-free animal preserve. Their robots patrol its borders with deadly force.

Onder meets Astrix, an ailing visitor from the forlorn genius gulag that is Space Station Independence. They work up a scheme to seize control of the Gaian System and free both their peoples. But the Gaians are using Onder’s epidemic-resistant DNA to complete their master plan and wipe out all humans with their worst plague yet. There are no guarantees and anything can happen.

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By the way, the folks at Libertopia Cartoons recently interviewed me about my science fiction novels. Fun stuff! Check it out.

Photo Credit: South African Tourism CC-BY

By George Donnelly

I'm building a tribe of radical libertarians to voluntarize the world by 2064. Join me.

2 replies on “All my People are Dead”


Several weeks ago I first visited your site by reading various animadversions of Mr. Christopher Cantwell. You made posted a bevy of comments and voila.

Now I learn that you have vacated the granite state and have embarked upon an extra-continental journey. Good for you.

Why did you leave? Do you harbor any hopes for returning to the USSA?

Good luck with your novel writing.

Hi Mike, thanks for your comment.

So many reasons but one practical reason is the cheaper cost of living. I’m on a frugality bender right now, experimenting to find just how little money I need to live each month.

I’m actually debating a return maybe this or next year. We’ll see what happens.

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