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BCH Aid is Coming Soon from BCH Latam

BCH Latam is pleased to announce the coming soft launch of BCH Aid. BCH Aid is a project that aims to foster Bitcoin Cash adoption by non-profits, community organizations and other organizations and individuals with demonstrable results towards helping people anywhere in the world in the following areas.

  • Education
  • Nutrition
  • Health
  • Recreation

Our first BCH Aid project will be a Venezuelan foundation that dispatches clowns to comfort hospitalized children.

BCH Advantages

Using BCH makes sense for cross-border charitable giving because BCH crosses borders as if they didn’t exist. There are no extra fees beyond on- and 0ff-ramp fees, which we will seek to reduce as demand and volume increases.

BCH Aid giving is also direct giving. So there are no intermediary fees. Donors give directly to the non-profit, bypassing credit card fees, bank fees, remittance fees and other overhead.

Latin America First

We are starting our efforts in Latin America, specifically Venezuela, where we already have videos shot for about 15 NGOs and where the need is very great. We have the outstanding Jose Araujo to lead our efforts there as well.

That said, we would like to expand to other regions as time and resources permit.

New Liquidity

One of our main goals for BCH Latam — and this goal is shared with just about all other adoption projects — is to develop excellent peer-to-peer local liquidity across the globe.

But convincing people to become liquidity agents or send BCH remittances into insufficient liquidity is extremely challenging. We need a kickstart.

By connecting high-quality non-profit fundraising drives from the developing world with developed-world donors, we can kickstart a small inflow of Bitcoin Cash essentially for free, solving the chicken-and-egg problem, and getting liquidity agents their first trades —and first profits.

New BCH Buyers

There is also the possibility to onboard new Bitcoin Cash users whose primary interest is in direct giving to non-profits in the developing world that they are otherwise unable to connect with.

The joy of directly giving, of getting updates via social media, and maybe even personalized thank you messages is an attractive reason to participate in BCH Aid for mainstream users.

Eventually a Marketplace

Over time, and as resources permit, we aim to turn BCH Aid into a global direct giving marketplace, where any non-profit can submit proposals and be considered for funding; and where we can direct a steady stream of donors who will have to buy Bitcoin Cash in order to participate in this innovative new direct giving system.

Next Steps

We’re bringing our first campaign forward in the next few days. We have others ready after that.

Support BCH Latam

To support our efforts, buy our PAN tokens on (details) (buy only from this Panmoni – Bitcoin Cash Latam account) or make a donation.

Are you a software developer interested in leading the development of the eventual marketplace described above? Email [email protected].

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  • BCH: BCHLatam#62500
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By George Donnelly

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