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BCH Latam Jun 2020 Activity Report

Jun 2020 was our first month back to work after a suspension of activities due to the coronavirus lockdown situation.

Here is the BCH Latam activity report for Jun 2020.

Digital Marketing

Our goal with digital marketing is to provide a steady presence for Bitcoin Cash in Latin American markets, and to teach people how to use Bitcoin Cash right now to do interesting and useful things.

  • 1 vlog and videos capsules for networks, about the organization BCH Latam.
  • 4 vlogs of purchases in shops that accept BCH, in Medellín (100% of the goal). (We are still reviewing the video to see if it is suitable for publication.)
  • Planning of email marketing and SMS marketing strategy for July-August. 

Business Development

We aim to forge alliances with higher-level businesses, liquidity providers and others with whom we can partner win-win to bring Bitcoin Cash to more people.

  • Alliance with e-commerce store Vimas.Store in Venezuela.
  • Activation of the first 2-way ATM that buys and sells BCH in Colombia, in the city of Pereira and hosted by BCH merchant Compudemano.
  • Approach with the international mobile phone topup company Hablax; to carry out transactions with BCH to the different cellular companies in Venezuela (Digitel, Movistar and Movilnet). 


We affiliated 1,304 merchants across 8 nations and 20 cities during 2018 and 2019 for another cryptocurrency. We are working on re-activating our merchant base.

  • Organization of the existing merchant database, inactive since 1 Nov 2019, with 1,160 merchant contacts that have or have had any connection to the world of cryptocurrencies. (100% of the base). 
  • 8 new merchants in Medellín that accept BCH (80% of the goal). (Photos pending.)
  • Contact with 600 merchants in the database.


BCH Aid is a project we started while working for another cryptocurrency in 2019. It aims to enable direct, cross-border giving to non-profit organizations across the globe using Bitcoin Cash.

  • 40 non-profit foundations contacted.
  • 15 foundations with a BCH Wallet downloaded and certified. 
  • Elaboration of artwork to attract more NGOs.
  • Editing of audiovisual material for



In Jun 2020, we made the following expenditures in Bitcoin Cash. There are also some minor fiat expenditures that will be catalogued and reimbursed in the near future.

The Jul 2020 report will contain more financial details.

Thank You

Thanks for your attention and support. Thanks for your patience, as we recognize we are about 5 weeks behind on releasing this report.

Thanks to the team for your patience under difficult circumstances.

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