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Don’t “Just Submit” to Authority

To “just submit” to people who think they have authority over you is to put the responsibility for defending your own life – and possibly those of your loved ones – in the hands of strangers who almost certainly do not have your best interests in mind. That is Vin Suprynowicz’s message in Simply Submit, a new article at

Applies to More Than Just Police

Mr Suprynowicz’s article is about the police. But this advice doesn’t just apply to them. It applies to all agents of the government, including bureaucrats at the DMV, government social workers, judges and especially people who want as much of your money as you will voluntarily hand them, such as tax collectors. It applies to corporations. It also applies to those people we all have in our life who tell us what to do. I wince internally when I see someone asking others “What should I do?”. No one can answer that question but the person asking it.

Put Your Mental Shields Up

If someone tells me that I need to or should do something, my first response is: “Why?” It should be yours, too. Just as we need walls and doors with locks to control who may enter our homes, so too do we need mental shields to examine those concepts and suggestions which others want us to accept without second thought.

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By George Donnelly

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2 replies on “Don’t “Just Submit” to Authority”

Very true. Unfortunately, a lot of these types of people who tell others what to do are bullies or people with personality issues. My issue just isn’t about strangers, but about co-workers and family. Some people seem oblivious to the fact that it’s not right to tell other people what to do all the time and cause a lot of grief for others around them. When bullying becomes continuous and the person cannot see the error in this, it’s almost pathological. You are right though that we have to do something about it. I wonder if people in authority who bully others also have personality issues that attract them to such vocations.

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