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Here’s Some Ballsy, Yet Peaceful FBI Knowledge Dropping

I like this op. Activists projected a short film about FBI misdeeds on the FBI’s headquarters in Washington! Beautiful. That took some guts and I am glad they did it. What did these folks accomplish? I can’t be sure but at least they made an effort. They took a valiant stand against a multinational crime syndicate. Maybe they educated a few people on the scene. Maybe they radicalized some friends. Maybe they made the security guards think more about the nature of their own work. Maybe this act gave the video a greater impact, and will help them reach a wider audience. It’s hard to measure the results of activism, but I applaud everyone who tries. Keep up the great work!

That said, I think the message to boycott grand juries is wrong. Juries can be educated. The power of jury nullification can be used for good. Efforts like the Fully Informed Jury Association are aiming at just that outcome. It’s smart to ameliorate an evil practice or institution while attempting to replace it with something better.

By George Donnelly

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