How to Recognize a Real Adoption Project?

Somebody asked me on Reddit the other day how you recognize a real adoption project. Here are some initial ideas to start a conversation.

  • Media: It should produce tons and tons of media — photos, videos, screenshots — that demonstrate real Dash usage, showing the merchant + the product + the buyer + the full payment process. Video of people talking on stages is not enough. Real transactions on film! Real merchants in photos! Real screenshots of real transactions!
  • Growth: It should be growing in 3 key metrics month over month at an average of 10% or more (at least in the early stages): new merchants, active Android wallet installs, transactions. Thanks to Dash Retail we can now enable any team to count their transactions transparently and with Dash Watch having direct, un-intermediated access. All of this has to evidenced of course!
  • Low Cost: Dash Colombia has established the “loop” metric. A loop is number of active Android wallet installs divided by active merchants. Note these metrics are active. They are not “we did it one time and said see you later”. These are enduring. Dash Colombia has established a loop size of 3.76, that means we have 3.76 active wallet installs per each active merchant. The 1-time cost of creating each enduring and active loop? USD$167. If it costs much more than that, gotta give it a close inspection. Colombia’s loop, for example, has 56.9% more consumers than Venezuela’s and is 73.4% cheaper when we standardize for loop size.

These are the 3 key metrics: prolific media production of real use, double-digit growth month over month and low cost. Did I miss something? Did I get it all wrong? Let me know.

By George Donnelly

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