Important Changes in Rates Sources in Dash Android Wallet 6.6.2

The Dash Retail team (Ash Francis, Alex Cox and myself, George Donnelly) is pleased to announce that working in alliance with Dash Core Group and building on the previous excellent work of Kodaxx at, Dash Wallet Android version 6.6.2 is currently available for download at the Google Play Store with a more robust rates source that includes 190 currency pairs, more rates sources and is hosted at Amazon Web Services (AWS) for maximum reliability and interconnectedness.

With Dash DAO funding, and building on Kodaxx’s innovative rates server, the Dash Retail team invested many months into creating this new piece of Dash infrastructure, which will enable the Dash ecosystem to support more real growth in the real world in a user-friendly way. Both sender and receiver can see very similar (if not equal) fiat equivalency amounts in their respective wallets, when drawing from Dash Retail’s new Rates2 server.

Point of sale (POS) software providers using the Dash Retail rates server can also synchronize with their consumer and merchant userbase, thus providing an even more seamless experience for consumers and merchants when paying for goods and services at our thousands of Dash merchants worldwide with Dash.

It is essential that all Dash Wallet Android users upgrade to version 6.6.2 at your earliest convenience in order to minimize inconvenience. Partners who wish to take advantage of the new pricing source are invited to email Ash Francis at [email protected]. We would love to explore assisting partners in integrating into the Dash ecosystem so they can accelerate the growth of their Dash-related products and services, fully benefitting from DAO-funded adoption initiatives.

For further information or support requests, contact George Donnelly [email protected] +573218423668.

By George Donnelly

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