Instead of Being Accountable, Private Security Guards Are Wannabe Cops

Mutualization, not privatization, is the answer to out-of-control cops and security guards.

Here are some privatized police. You call them security guards. But they aren’t much more accountable than state-controlled police. Here is Liberty on Tour’s Adam Mueller with photojournalist Carlos Miller. These wannabe cops think they can make up their own rules and assault people willy-nilly. They’re so brazen as to demand their picture not be taken, but turn around and take someone else’s picture in an overbearing manner. That’s more characteristic of federal thugs.

Out of hand private security guards.

How can they get away with this kind of behavior? Their employer, 50 State Security Service, inc, is a Florida corporation. With the help of state-granted limited liability protection, favorable tort law and a state monopoly on dispute resolution, these guys have almost the same kind of state-granted advantages that regular cops use to get away with murder.

The answer to government power is not privatization. It is mutualization. Government agencies must be spun off into local mutuals controlled by those people most affected by or invested in them. Privatization is more of the same. As long as there is a state, as long as it charters corporations, these are the kinds of outcomes we will get.

By George Donnelly

I'm building a tribe of radical libertarians to voluntarize the world by 2064. Join me.

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