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Judge Further Restricts Transparency in Eyre & Mueller Trial

Today is day 2 of the Greenfield, Mass trial of Pete Eyre and Ademo Freeman for recording police officers in the course of their duties.

And it started off with a whimper. The judge, without any further written order, has allegedly reduced the amount of transparency allowed in this trial. At first, he allowed only Jason Talley to record the trial and only with one video camera, one cell phone/tablet and one laptop. Today, the guards won’t allow him to enter anything more than the video camera, tripod and power cord. Jason used the cell phone and laptop to get out occasional live-streaming updates and text updates.

This is entirely unacceptable. Transparency is the only check left on a monopoly justice system that uses aggression to get its way. What happens behind closed doors, no one knows and no one can protest or hope to change. Justice, according to the state paradigm, is supposed to be a matter for the whole community – not just for a few elite lawyers and jurors.

Update: Court security guard fails to make any sense explaining this. He claims it was his mistake to even allow more than the one camera in the first day.

I get the sense this small-time goon is enjoying his power to say no.

Update: The judge finds Pete not guilty of the resisting charge.

These videos were produced by Jason Talley of Talley.TV and I archived them on my YouTube channel.

By George Donnelly

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