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Leak-a-Day: Every Day at 12:05PM EST I’ll Report on a New WikiLeaks Leak Live on Ustream.TV

Every day, Monday thru Friday, at 12:05PM EST, I’m reporting on the latest WikiLeaks leaks live on Ustream.TV.

Every day, Monday thru Friday, at 12:05PM EST, I’m very briefly reporting on the latest WikiLeaks leaks. Operation Payback has put out a great idea – called Operation Leakspin – encouraging everyone to read the leaks and tell others about them. This is my small contribution. You can watch the show below or at Ustream.TV/channel/leakaday. Today’s show is below. Check back tomorrow at 12:05PM EST for the next one!

Here’s the first episode. You can also watch it on the website. (Also on YouTube.)

Here are the links I discussed:


WikiLeaks Cables for Dec 13 2010

Guardian: Julian Assange to stay in jail as Sweden fights bail decision

Reuters: U.S. Air Force blocks NYT, Guardian over WikiLeaks

CNN: Assange attorney: Secret grand jury meeting in Virginia on WikiLeaks

Ray McGovern Defends Julian Assange! “You Should Be Following His Example” To American Media

Is Bradley Manning being tortured?

Glenn Greenwald: The inhumane conditions of Bradley Manning’s detention

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