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I‘m pleased to announce that our Liberty Reading Group is reforming and we’ve settled on Goodreads as its new home. The vendor I selected (booksprouts) has apparently gone under. Thanks to William Pearson for finding the replacement! Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience but keep in mind that Goodreads has considerably more useful features than booksprouts, so things are looking up!

Improved Format

IIRC William has also suggested we focus on a monthly “free read” of works available at no charge online, and read longer works every, say, 3 months. I think this is a perfect idea. So, let’s wrap up the la Boetie discussion by this Sunday, November 8. Simultaneously, we can pick our book for the fourth quarter and November’s free read.

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Don’t fall behind! Join us at Goodreads today: The Liberty Reading Group. Also consider checking out the Freedom Book Club, another excellent libertarian intellectual endeavor. Click here to check out the original 8 Reasons to Join the Liberty Reading Group.

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