8 Reasons to Join the Liberty Reading Group


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I was admiring my large to-be-read collection of libertarian literature and thought, “Hey, I need to kick-start this puppy, and I bet others do, too! We need a Liberty Reading Group, a place where we can get intellectual and motivate ourselves to read more, and more liberty stuff.” So here it is: The Liberty Reading Group. Please join me!

Discourse Of Voluntary Servitude

I’ve selected la Boetie’s The Politics Of Obedience The Discourse Of Voluntary Servitude just to bootstrap it for the month of October. (Get the book free as a PDF on In the future, you can nominate books and we’ll vote on them. There are a huge number of libertarian books available for free online, so we can focus on those at first in order to keep costs down.

8 Reasons to Join the Liberty Reading Group

  1. It’s peer-to-peer education!
  2. New nuances to argue over will appear all around you.
  3. Your massive reading list will cringe in fear, instead of laughing maliciously at you.
  4. Send people who claim to get liberty but don’t here as the ultimate argument-ender.
  5. Expand your repertoire of liberty quotes for your facebook profile.
  6. Prospective evolutionaries can be referred here for remedial instruction.
  7. You’ll watch less TV.
  8. Minarchists everywhere will cower in intellectual fear.

Why will you participate? Sign up now for the Liberty Reading Group!

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By George Donnelly

I'm building a tribe of radical libertarians to voluntarize the world by 2064. Join me.

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