Links for Libertarian Insurgency

Here are some more useful articles that can be applied to the ongoing topic of libertarian insurgency.

Reactions – and collaborators – sought. :D

By George Donnelly

I'm building a tribe of radical libertarians to voluntarize the world by 2064. Join me.

2 replies on “Links for Libertarian Insurgency”

Hey George, I discovered this blog of yours several weeks ago and have been trying to get the time to read some old posts in an attempt to catch up.

I started with the post about leaving the LP which immediately showed me we have a lot in common. I kept reading other posts that interested me and some of the comments/discussions.

I now have, at last count, about 1542.5 comments I’d like to make in response to things said here. But I’ll hold back for now. :) Here are just a few general thoughts I wanted to share with you for now:

I love the idea of the evolutionaries project and the collection of videos. The word choice is freakin’ perfect.

I need to learn much more about agorism.

I agree with the ideas about starting local. But all I really think I can do right now is just try to get people thinking along the lines of voluntaryism. No, wait that’s wrong, from my experience, at this point, it’s not even about others thinking along those lines, its getting them to simply understand the basic idea because we are so entrenched with the way things are now.

I also write to know what I’m thinking.

Hi Debbie, thanks for commenting and welcome. I have been following your blog, found it via MHD IIRC.

LOL, comment away. I look forward to it. :)

I think it was Jason and/or Pete who came up with the name for the evolutionaries project, and I agree.

So true, it is very hard just to open space for the ideas of liberty. Statist ideas are the water we fish have a hard time noticing. So it’s hard to question them. People look at ya funny. Water? What water? Hehe.

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