New Scientist: The Sky WILL Fall!

According to NewScientist magazine, it is in the nature of civilization to fail.

Every civilisation in history has collapsed, after all. Why should ours be any different?

Doomsday scenarios typically feature a knockout blow: a massive asteroid, all-out nuclear war or a catastrophic pandemic. Yet there is another chilling possibility: what if the very nature of civilisation means that ours, like all the others, is destined to collapse sooner or later?

Of course they refer to this “civilization” and yes, the institutionalized initiation of force and abrogation of basic rights is most definitely not sustainable.

But then this is not really civilization. This is just the logical continuation of a history of brute aggression.

So let’s hope New Scientist is right – even if we’re not really into this “new science” stuff. Is that like the new math they used to pitch at school? ;)

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By George Donnelly

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