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Pete Eyre & Ademo Freeman: NOT GUILTY

Justice is so rare today. Here we have two Davids who made Goliath stumble, however slightly. Pete Eyre and Ademo Freeman were found NOT GUILTY of the 3 charges that Greenfield, Mass prosecutor Jeffrey Banks tried them on. NOT GUILTY of wiretapping, NOT GUILTY of resisting arrest.

Real justice requires that Todd M. Dodge and cohorts never would have harassed, kidnapped or caged them. Real justice would not have required a night’s stay in a cold cage. One year of fighting these ridiculous charges tooth and nail – real justice laughs at that. The monstrous crime of putting these fine gentleman in jeopardy of a felony conviction and possibly years in jail? Unspeakable. Real justice won’t hear of it.

This is not justice. This is a landmark on the way towards healing injustice.

There is a great value in the learning experience Pete and Ademo have undertaken. Maybe now they can help other victims of the police state. But there is also great risk. We could easily be talking about how to get money into their prison commissary accounts, instead of celebrating.

Celebrate. Congratulate Pete and Ademo. Learn from them. I salute them. I doff my hat to them. Congratulations, gentleman. You have taken chains and turned them into gold.

But take great pains before engaging in the same risks they take. There are other, less risky ways to advance the cause of liberty and dignity.

By George Donnelly

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17 replies on “Pete Eyre & Ademo Freeman: NOT GUILTY”

Lesson learned. Turn off the f***ing camera when told to do so and not challenge it. What yall did was stupid.Yall should turn an ear to authority when its being made present just for yall to hear. I know yall meant well but come on. Common Sense People.

@Daniel – you have got to be kidding. When “authority” is used to issue unlawful commands and for intimidation it loses all of its standing and needs to be questioned.

Also, Y’all is spelled with an apostrophe.

To quote Alexander Hamilton to a mystified European nobleman, “Here sir the people rule.” So Daniel, if you’re a cop, be advised YOU are NOT the authority. What “authority” you wield is conferred to you by the people and we can take it away. Howdya like them apples ya peckerwood?

Daniel, au contraire. The lesson learned here was for Todd M. Dodge, his cohorts, his bosses, the city government, the judge, the jury, the people in the audience and the people of Greenfield, Mass.

The lesson is that photography is not a crime, stop being assholes and the local government goons are raging out of control. They need be done away with.

Was the state filming citizens in the jail?
If so, where did they get the authority? The state can only have authority that is given to it by citizens. You can not give authority you do not have.


The lesson learned here was the cops were in the wrong an simply overstepped their authority and the law when they unlawfully arrested these to who as it turns out were not breaking any law.

Not “learned”; it’s what was TAUGHT that was important: representatives of the Police State who believed it was right and good that cops should be able to make a crime out of nothing but their own annoyance, that they should be able to give an illegal order far outside their authority, then lie and make up crimes with which to charge those who annoyed them by exercising their rights and refusing that illegal order, harming no one – these Police State goons were shown that there ARE still American rights and the liberties to use them! If there was any real justice, those men who attempted to ruin these men’s lives out of sheer power-tripping vindictiveness with incarceration and by giving these men criminal records for daring to think they had rights, or that there were limits to a cop’s Imperial Authority would themselves have been arrested and put on trial for abuse of police powers, false arrest, lying to a judge in order to use the Law for petty revenge and a number of other charges. They ought to at the very LEAST lose their jobs, and at best should do the prison time themselves that they attempted to railroad two innocent and courageous men into prison for. Still, it’s the first such victory I can remember, and I rejoice in it!


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