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Positive Police Reaction to California Open Carry

Some excessively simple folks at Reddit are saying Jeremy did not behave himself nicely enough. He was too terse and didn’t say please and thank you enough. What fools. One lucky case does not mean the cops are our buddies. Did you not see how the other cop failed to receive the “Code 4” (i.e., “back off, it’s all cool”)? Did you not notice that both cop and open carrier share a bond of being Marines, and that that means a lot to the cop?

This is an exceptional open carry encounter. Jeremy conducted himself with flying colors. The cop should have never stopped him and should have never tried to identify him. And just because the cop has a little clown routine doesn’t suddenly make him worthy of Jeremy’s subservience.

Possession and carry of a firearm is integral to the defense of individual human lives. No one I know of has any legitimate authority to violate, deny or limit anyone’s ability to open carry a firearm. So just chill out, cops. And start standing up for yourselves, fellow redditors.

By George Donnelly

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4 replies on “Positive Police Reaction to California Open Carry”

I’m tired of you guys giving Jeremy praise. He doesn’t do it for the cause. He does it for attention. He’s an immature attention starved child who gets off at the attention peope give him for open carrying. Ask him if he was knocked out while pointing his LOADED firearm at a fellow marine while drinking AT HOME. Ask him if he open carries any where else other than around his block or at the pier.

Because you’re just as big a tool as he is. It shows in all your writings just how stupid you are talking of peace. You’ll be the first one crying for police to help when real anarchist come to beat your ass, steal your shit & you can’t get your firearm loaded fast enough to save your life. Hopefully someone will post the videos of the both of you arrogant attention seeking wankers getting jacked by some teenagers for your big bad unloaded gun.

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