This is What the State Looks Like. Don’t you Dare Turn Away!

This video is one big can of State FAIL, on too many levels to name. First, the newscaster frames the issues for us in a way that de-emphasizes the overwhelming power and brutality of the state. This is a clash between the needs of immigrants and the need of a state to maintain order, we’re told. What does it matter that they are immigrants? This is a way to prejudice the audience against the victims. These people are not like you, nothing to see here. What does it mean to maintain order? This video clearly shows state goons destroying spontaneous order. How can the needs of an aggressive gang be balanced against those of mothers and babies? As the video shows, they can’t. The families that are ruthlessly attacked get nothing – less than nothing, since they are harmed – and the state gets a housing development. Where is the balance?

The footage itself is disgusting. How dare these thugs drag babies around like this? And the footage only survived after police forced one photographer out, another’s camera was taken and finally the one that recorded this footage was severely damaged by these thugs. They probably didn’t think any previously recorded images would remain on the camera. How stupid of them.

By George Donnelly

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