Now THAT is a Stimulus I Can Believe in!


Steve over at Delaware Libertarian is a proposing a stimulus package that actually has a chance to work: end taxes. Since the US government funds deficits with debt anyway, what’s the point in wasting money on all the administrative costs of collecting taxes? Just print more money, and let the people keep that 20-50 per cent of their hard earned income that is lost to government inefficiency. Imagine doubling your income overnight – no puny stimulus check can do that!

The liberal mantra used to be how are you going to pay for that tax cut?

The conservative mantra used to we can’t afford that program.

But thanks to Paul [There is no God but Keynes, and I am His prophet] Krugman assuring us that deficits don’t matter in digging out from a massive recession, I can propose any damn thing I want and not be criticized for explaining how to pay for it.

So here’s the issue for Libertarians: how do you help people either get back on their feet or stay on their feet without using the coercive power of the State?

Simple. You eliminate taxes. Not cut them. Eliminate them wholesale.

Because now that the Treasury admits that it can print as much money as it needs, it no longer needs your tax dollars. #

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By George Donnelly

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