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A Manifesto for the Next 10 Years of Bitcoin (Cash)

The Bitcoin Cash ecosystem needs to recognize and accept some facts. And then we need to establish a constructive and stable path forward that enables us to onboard billions to global-scale, censorship-resistant peer-to-peer electronic cash. ?? | EspaƱol | Portugues | Bahasa Indonesia | P?????? | ?????? | ????| ????? Some Facts Where We Are The Bitcoin Cash name, brand, vision, momentum, ecosystem, […]

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BCH Latam Restarting Operations 1 June

The Bitcoin Cash Latam team is thrilled to announce we have restarted operations as of 1 June 2020. Now that the coronavirus panic seems to be subsiding, we hope that we will be able to maintain operations continuously and without interruption. Deliverables Based on the results of our crowdfunding campaign so far, we consider that […]