By Fighting over the Gun that is Government, Both Liberals and Conservatives Contradict Themselves

In the acrimonious political atmosphere of the early twenty-first century, where Obama fans desperately defend their latter-day Luke Skywalker at all costs and without much introspection, where authoritarian conservatives fall back to their contrived small-government script and where the middle just wants to know what’s in it for them, those few of us talking about […]


House Dems Plan to Regulate Congresspeople’s Twitter Posts

Congressman John Culberson (R-TX) reports via Twitter that the Committee on House Administration of the US House of Representatives is considering classifying all content posted by members of the House on websites outside the domain to be official communications [PDF], which must “meet existing content rules and regulations”. Current rules require that content be […]


The Democrats Won – So What?

Yes, the Democrats won the mid-term elections and hopefully saved us from more Patriot Acts and other brazen attempts to stomp on our freedom. But, so what?