Plants are Sustainable Food

This is Brendan Brazier, a successful endurance athlete who is also a long-time vegan. This video is from his Thrive 30 program, which is a free set of video lessons on leveraging a plant-based diet for optimum performance. I found Episode 11 particularly interesting because Brendan succinctly explains the sustainability issues surrounding the consumption of […]

Libertarian Opinion

Is there more Liberty in Hunter-Gatherer Societies?

The Babongo forest people work 3 to 4 hours per day in a beautiful forest. Watch and judge for yourself.

Agorism Get Active

Planting Hemp at the DEA. Who’s Up for Repeating it?

Check out these gentleman who want to plant hemp crops without being harassed by the DEA. They planted hemp right on the lawn of a DEA building. This is brilliant, and reminiscent of Jesse’s public gardening op in Keene, New Hampshire. I love how they did this op – who wants to repeat it? Hemp […]